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Shortened quills, a pot of ink

There, spread open on the table, were books, and not the tally-books father used for keeping count of the money and his stock. There was a leather scrip-case unfolded and laid flat to make a kind of working surface, and on top of this were several books. Each of them was more than a handsbreadth wide and a third taller. They were of vellum and worn from much use. There was a pen-case, too, alongside shortened quills and a pot of ink. I approached, bending over to scrutinize what was written. I saw that the language was English, and that these were the words of the poem as they had been spoken out loud last night on the plateau at the castle.


Speech into writing, Sir Gawain and the Green Maiden

Images: First version manuscript of Sir Gawain and the Green Maiden


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