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Geese, goats, pigs, sheep

The town, when we came to it in the mid-afternoon, was walled, and the walls, though old, were not so broken down as those of our own castle up on its hill above our town. A river ran alongside, and it was along this bank that we made our approach to the town, coming at last to a gatehouse over a bridge with a church next to it. We crossed the bridge and went in through the gatehouse. I thought we would have to pay, but there was no one to take money. Our own town square was a busy place, but even our market-day was not as busy as the inside of this town. Everywhere people were on the move, with animals, geese, goats. Pigs, sheep.


The busy town, Sir Gawain and the Green Maiden

Image: Monnow Bridge, Monmouth

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