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Being a sequel to the tale of the Green Knight as performed in the year 1398 at a place in Wales and comprising the whole of the remainder of the Gawain history recovered from the time of its first performance and heard in his presence by Mark Thomas Redman.


Sir Gawain and the Green Maiden includes the full text of the continuation of Gawain’s story in the style of the original poem and as though translated into modern English. 


The personal journal of Mark Thomas recounts the days of the first performance when the Poet came to the household of his father, Geoffrey Redman, Wool Merchant in North Wales, in the final years of the fourteenth century.  The manner of the Poet’s death and Mark Thomas’ involvement in his last days and the continuation of his work -- here recorded and revealed.

Sir Gawain and
the green Maiden
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S. D. Evans has previously published under the name Evan Symmonds

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Though the Frost Was Cruel

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Mansfield Park & Ride 

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