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Presenting a sequel to the tale of the Green Knight as performed in the year 1398 at a place in Wales in which is the whole of the remainder of the history of Gawain as recovered from the occasion of its first performance and heard by Mark Thomas Redman, a gentleman.


Sir Gawain and the Green Maiden extemporises the remainder of Gawain’s story after the events of the Green Knight, told in the style of the original and translated into modern English. 


Also included: the journal of Mark Thomas recounting the days of the performance when the Poet came to the household of his father, Geoffrey Redman, Merchant, in the closing years of the fourteenth century.  The manner of the Poet’s death and Mark Thomas’ love affair with his own strange maiden.  His continuation of the Poet's work recorded and revealed.

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Amazon review

I have never read anything quite like this story and I know it will stay with me for a long time - in a way that only the best of literature can.

The story of Arthurian legend interwoven throughout the novel is absolutely convincing and compelling.  Sumptuous language and a delightfully chivalrous plot are written with utter authenticity.  If someone had told me that this was the translation of an original 14th century text, I would have entirely believed them. 

It is the voice of the main protagonist though, which really captures the heart of the reader.  Mark Thomas is a flawed, complicated character, wrestling conflicting desires and needs.  His voice is written with subtle intricacy and a million details are woven in so skilfully throughout that the reader is fully able to imagine life in the remote corner of medieval Wales.

In my opinion, this is the best of all the author's work and I hope it finds the readership it so richly deserves.

Sir Gawain and
the green Maiden
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